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The Guard of Honor, the Hour of Presence, of the Sacred Heart is a little army rallied around the Eucharistic Throne of Jesus, where hour after hour, faithful sentinels replace one another in spirit, to offer to the Heart of Jesus a perpetual homage of glory, love and reparation.

The origin of the Guard of Honor may be traced back to the first watch on Calvary, when our Blessed Lady, St. John and Mary Magdalen offered to the transpierced Heart of Jesus the first homage of glory, love and reparation.

CONDITIONS OF MEMBERSHIP:  In order to become a member of the Guard of honor and to share in the Masses and in the indulgences granted to the Archconfraternity it is necessary:

1.  To be enrolled by the General Director of a Confraternity, canonically erected, or by a Zelator, regularly authorized to receive enrollments.

2.  To be inscribed on a Dial of the Archconfraternity.

3.  To make daily an hour of guard. Those who desire to be ranked amongst the Guards of Honor of the Sacred Heart must choose an hour during which, without changing their ordinary occupations, they place themselves each day, in spirit near the Tabernacle.

THE HOUR OF GUARD:  There, by a simple interior act, they offer to Jesus, their thoughts, words, actions and sufferings - above all, their desire to console His adorable Heart by their love.  During this hour the Associate tries to think oftener of Our Lord, to make, at least, one act of love and offer to Him some little sacrifice.  Nothing of what is prescribed is of obligation the associates being free to follow their interior attraction in sanctifying this blessed hour.


THE THREE GROUPS:  Fidelity to the daily hour of guard is the simple duty of those enlisted in the First Group of the Guard of Honor.  Associates enlisted in the Second Group offer frequently in a spirit of loving reparation to the Eternal Father, the Precious Blood of Jesus.

The Third Group is made up of victims of the wounded Heart of Jesus, whose generous aim is to render to this divine Heart love for love, by the acceptance of trials, humiliations and little crosses destined for them by Providence.

DIAL OF MERCY:  There is a special Dial of the Archconfraternity on which may be inscribed the initials of persons or families for whose conversion any Associate may choose to make supplementary hours of Guard.

ADVANTAGES OF MEMBERSHIP:  The Guard of Honor of the Sacred Heart is one of the associations most enriched with indulgences.  Besides sharing in these indulgences and in the Masses offered each month for Associates living and dead, the Members of the Guard of Honor have the benefit of the union of prayer existing among millions of souls who belong to the Archconfraternity of the Guard of Honor throughout the world.

ZELATORS, THEIR DUTIES:  Zelators are authorized to enroll an indefinite number of associates and every year, in the month of June, it is customary for them to send to the Head Centre the names of the Guards of Honor enrolled during the year.  Zelators are recommended to make themselves familiar with the organization and working of the Archconfraternity, by an attentive perusal of the Manual.

"How happy we are," exclaimed Saint Margaret Mary, "and how much indebted to this Divine Heart, which deigns to make use of us to spread this devotion, since He reserves incomparable treasures for those who devote themselves to His Sacred Heart."  

--- Thomas Edmond, Bishop of Brooklyn

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