The novena to the Sacred Heart, conducted by Fr. Frederick Boni, was held each evening from June7th through June 15th. Fr. Boni had been a faithful participant in the novena during his years as a student, and now was eminently prepared to direct others in developing a mature spiritual life through this devotion. His finely structured homilies guided us through fifteen-minute meditations to prepare for the following day's Mass by reflecting on some essential aspect of the Heart of Christ.

Stunning floral arrangements were provided by generous benefactors. Over 250 votive lamps were burned throughout the nine days. Sadly, the Cecilian Chorale was not able to join us this year, after contributing more than fifty years of heavenly music for the novenas' Benediction and Masses. Their place was lovingly filled by generous and capable volunteers, but the Chorale members, individually and collectively, were dearly missed.


Photography by Leslie H. Sellers
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